Alopek’s Competitive Edge

Vehicle & Fleet Tracking & More!

“Alopek Competitive Edge” , A.C.E. is a Robust, Powerful Versatile All in one unit for all your vehicle needs.

“The Alopek A.C.E. is a full-featured tracking unit that features, exceptional GPS design, build in 3-axis accelerometer. These features enable the Alopek A.C.E. to track vehicle speed and location, detect hard braking, cornering or acceleration in addition to a full set of fleet management features.

Reliably Effective!

Superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS coupled with a special in vehicle connectivity makes the Alopek A.C.E. install quick, easy and inexpensive. Messages are transported across the cellular network using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging providing a reliable communications link between the device and the monitoring application. The Alopek A.C.E. is designed to dramatically reduce cost of ownership, power and size while providing excellent reliability.