Alopek Gator Tracker

Protect your Airboat and Outdoor Recreation Vehicles from theft A.G.T. delivers.

Vehicle tracking, communications and more!

At last Airboat and Outdoor Recreational Vehicle owners can eliminate theft.The Alopek Gator Tracker allows user to locate a vehicle/vessel on demand.Users are alerted when your boat moves through text messaging,email and/or software interface.Full theft prevention and recovery can be achieve with the ALOPEK GATOR TRACKER.

Reliably Effective!

Our unique interface software allows for Airboat and Recreational vehicle owners to locate a vehicle in real time.Protect your airboat from theft 24/7 and with the latest in security and safety the Alopek Gator Tracker.

Compact and easy to use!

A.G.T. is ready whenever, wherever, you need it with full web based back end,live GPS tracking,text message alerts.Back up battery will last 72 more hours.