Car Alarm Tracker (C.A.T)

When you need reliable vehicle tracking and monitoring information... Alopek's C.A.T. delivers.

Vehicle tracking, communications and more!

Alopek's "Car Alarm Tracker", C.A.T.; is an affordable, proven solution for vehicles of all kinds. C.A.T.'s World Band and Global Positioning Satellite capabilities protects, tracks, alerts, reports and communicates to and from anywhere in the world.

Reliably Effective!

C.A.T. employs redundant communications systems comprised of satellite, Quad band GSM modem and RF technologies to ensure always-on tracking for reports you can depend on! C.A.T. is resistant to shock, and temperature extremes, theft and hacking! And its rechargeable lithum battery assures continuous performance, year after year.

Compact and easy to use!

Compact and light weight, C.A.T. is ready whenever, wherever, you need it. Completely self-contained, it requires no antenna, wiring, or external power, and can be used discretly in any situation.